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If you're trapped behind internet filters at school or work and need to know how to unblock websites, you've come to the right place. To access blocked sites, all you need is go to one of the listed sites, enter the URL for the blocked site you want to unblock, and their service will retrieve the site for you. Aproxy will help find the proxies that have not yet been detected and blocked by the internet filters that are blocking you, it can help you unblock websites and access any site you want! With no software to download or install.

What is A Proxy?

A proxy is a computer server or software that acts as a facilitator or middleman of traffic between your computer and a connection point. Using a proxy when you access a webpage your computer transmits a request to the server and waits for a response from it. The proxy in turn will transmit this request go to the website get the data and then transmit the data on your behalf. Most commonly a they are used to hide your ip or change your ip. When proxies are used the proxy uses its own local ip in place of yours. And when you are restricted or blocked from any site or server on your ip address, then a proxy will act on your behalf and enter the site under a different ip. However, this is not the only use for a Top Proxy they can also help with:

•Content Filtering

Many buisness, governmental and school networks block access to the internet. In many cases, all users are required to access the internet via the private proxy server to prevent unauthorized access to the network.

•Change your IP Geolocation

Some websites limited users of a specific country a proxy list is one of the ways to bypass this block and view the contents of the website or service from a country that is normally not allowed to view them.


Most proxies cache or store frequently accessed data. If the cached data is located closer to the end user, access time will be much faster.

• Anonymizing

Internet users who do not want their activities monitored by sites can use anonymizing proxys to hide their IP address from the servers they are accessing.

Here is a small list on the most blocked sites according to OpenDNS. The list includes social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace ) and adult websites (Playboy, Redtube and Pornhub) Percentages indicate the portion of black listing for a given site.

1. Facebook 14.1%

2. MySpace 9.8%

3. YouTube 8.0%

4. Doubleclick 6.3%

5. Twitter 2.2%

6. Ad.yieldmanager - 1.8%

7. Redtube 1.5%

8. Limewire - 1.2%

9. Pornhub 1.1%

10.Playboy 1.0%

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Internet filters and firewalls are updating and blocking sites every day. You need to keep up with our new lists so you can continue to bypass school filters and access blocked sites. Luckily for you, we constantly receive new sites. Just subscribe to our free RSS Proxy List and you can have our fresh new releases delivered straight to you. You'll never have to worry about blocked sites ever again!


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