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Adding your proxy site to a's list is an effective part of any Link Building Popularity campaign. provides referral traffic and helps increase your SERP rankings. Traffic from most directories may be unimportant or minor. Relevant link building to a site such as will help your link popularity and page rank. And bring traffic who are looking for proxy sites to stay anonymous or unblock restricted websites from school or work.

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Submitting links to any flooded directory, forum, group or blog can be a total waste of money and time. And the sites usually are unrelated to your niche of websites you are trying to link to. You can get a better result from submitting to's submit proxy. And why pay for what you can get free.

The greatest sites to submit your proxys to are search engine compatible. Those that genuinely have your site URL listed. Rather than outlinks that are simply code.'s list not only adds your web URL but also creates a personal sub-directory using your domain name with some information and a screen shot of your proxy site. These sub-diretories are better then just a backlink but a new page about your proxy that is indexed by most search engines. This sub-subirectory helps improve your web presence, traffic, increases your proxy's page rank and link popularity.

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